Monday, November 23, 2009

The Otter and The Beaver

Last night at the People Pleasing sermon the Pastor mentioned that you know you're a People Pleaser if you take criticism personally. It means that you continue to care more about what others think of you than what you believe in your heart to be true. At FPU (which has been criticism free until tonight), I was criticized for not having more small group discussions - this coming from an Otter personality who likes to talk and is "a party looking for a place to happen" (Dave Ramsey's words, not mine!). What Otters don't realize is that not everyone wants to have small group discussions about everything. Beavers (like me) prefer order and rules, and I have been running the class on order and rules. This is about results, not discussion - our culture is far too full of talk and not enough action.

Anyway, I let this criticism anger me, and then I doubted myself and why I was leading the class, but then I remembered from the sermon last night - "Give them the finger!", meaning to raise your index finger to the sky....I only answer to one person, and that person is Jesus. We all have different styles and preferences, but my call from God is to teach this class and get results, and get these people out of debt so that they can fulfill their God given purposes. I'm not compromising my style, because it is working.

Boy, I am so glad I was called to the sermon last night...otherwise I might be handling this whole criticism thing way differently....He knew what I was going to need today!

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