Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Does God Speak to Us?

I've been revisting my Chuck Missler Genesis study this month; I love how he breaks our world down into seminars of particle physics and beautiful biological explanations.  Yesterday he spoke of the giraffe and how it is biologically impossible that the giraffe evolved due to its complex structure.  He spoke of mitochodria and their little engines and the code within DNA.  He puts it in such a way that you can't argue with the gloriousness (is that a word?) of Creation.  My logical brain agrees with Chuck Missler, that there is a Creator of our Universe and we are His children, but my selfish heart keeps turning away.

I had a dream last night and I'm positive He was speaking to me, giving me some direction, but it's so easy to rationalize it and turn it into something beneficial for my own gain, not His.  I shouldn't ignore these dreams when I wake up and immediately say, "That was from God", and when I know exactly why He sent the dream to me.  Sometimes dreams are fuzzy and when you wake up you wonder, "What was THAT all about??!!??!!", but then there are dreams that are so clear, and you can say to yourself, "I know exactly what that was all about."

Some people long for God to speak to them in a concrete fashion, and here I am, the God of the Universe speaking to me, and I'm full of yah buts.  Yah but.....I say, No, He responds.   Yah but.....I say.  No, He responds.

This is too hard.  I'm going to listen to another session of Genesis now.