Saturday, October 31, 2009

Now THAT was fun!

In the summer of 2007, I finally took the big step and phoned a local piano teacher about taking piano lessons. For some reason, my sisters were allowed to take piano lessons and I wasn't, although I attempted to plunk around in their books once in a while. I had always wanted to take lessons, but then got into University stuff, partying stuff, and kid stuff. When the kids were 6 and 4 I thought I had some time, and gave Mrs. Chapple a call.

Well, here we are, just over two years later, and last night I went to a worship team "jam session", hoping to sit on a chair and watch a piano player. Unfortunately, no piano player showed up. However, the team asked me to jam anyway, even though I only know the basics of rudimentary chording. It was AWESOME and FUN! I could have played all night! I couldn't hear myself playing because the piano speaker wasn't on, so who knows what it really sounded like, but in my head I was really playing! A couple of times I almost had myself in tears because the songs were so emotional and I was up there contributing.

I figure I'm about two years away from actually playing at church - my initial goal was five years of lessons, but I'll try to cut that down to four. Of course, that depends on when Mrs. Chapple thinks I'm ready. She's the Jedi Master of piano, and I'm definitely going to take all the advice and training she can give!

So check me out in a couple of years...hittin' the ivories at Devon Alliance Church!

Friday, October 30, 2009

The Sugar Hangover

Boy oh boy I felt like crap yesterday! On Wednesday night, for some unknown reason, I decided to consume half a box of cookies and a litre of ginger ale right before bed. When I woke up on Thursday morning, I felt like a truck had run over my head and it was POUNDING. Besides that, I also felt pretty sick to my stomach. Yes, I could have blamed it on H1N1, since half the town has that illness, but deep down I had to admit it...I was HUNGOVER! I was never one to get huge alcohol hangovers when I was younger, but if I drank beyond the age of 30, I wasn't feeling too hot. They always said it was because of the sugar in the pop/beer, and it makes sense, because the couple of times I drank almost pure alcohol (gin gimlets...yummy!), there were no issues whatsoever the next day.

So all day yesterday I was yelling at myself that it was my own fault that I felt so crappy, much like the day after partying WAY too much...except that I didn't smell like smoke. I don't drink anymore, and haven't for years, since it's not worth feeling crappy the next day. Could I have finally made this connection with crappy food. Not sure...doubt it...but I can always hope. I just know that today all I want to eat is spinach and drink lots of water. I'm sure it will only last until I have forgotten the horror that was yesterday and hear some chocolate pie calling my name.....

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Afternoon Blahs

It sure doesn't take much to get me down - I think it's a factor of not working regularily anymore. Sure, I'm doing lots of great things around town, but I worry about the money running out and having to grovel back at some CA firm, workin' for The Man. That's why I quit the Ratrace....I was tired of working for The Man. Now, everywhere I look there seems to be competition, but I guess there is enough to go around...right? I just have to do another little advertising blitz to get a few things to come my way....right? I wish I didn't doubt myself so much! I need to remember that I have excellent training and provide fabulous service, and word of mouth will get around. A couple of small ads last year brought me more business than I could have imagined. If one more ad could double what I have already, that's plenty....right? If I keep typing really fast, I might be able to convince myself.....