Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mr. Brown

Last night we had a rehearsal for our church Christmas play, and Zacharias is being played by Mr. Brown, one of the senior members of the church. He came into the practice with his lines obviously well rehearsed, and read them with such passion - it almost made me teary eyed. At one point he is supposed to get down on one knee when Gabriel is speaking to him, and he joked about having trouble getting up, but each time he read his lines he still dropped down on that knee without complaint.

Mr. Brown's generation of people never ceases to amaze me - they are regal, have tremendous values, are caring, and continue to work hard without complaint. They show up at church in their Sunday best, and truly believe that they are going home to their Saviour someday. I wonder what they think of the younger generations, who sometimes appear to have no respect for anyone but themselves (and that even comes into question on occasion).

We need to learn from this generation who is not going to be around forever. A little more compassion and respect would turn our culture upside down.... for the better.

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