Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Happier Year

2013 started off with such promise - I had embraced yoga, was finally starting to calm my life down, and I was greatly looking forward to the coming year.  If I had known what was to come in the next 12 months I probably would have run away screaming.

February was fantastic with a trip to Disneyland and great visits with my grandparents, but by March 2nd grandma was in the hospital, never to return home.  However, her being in the hospital and my frequent visits allowed me to run into a dear friend from church, also in the hospital and also soon to be leaving for heaven.  When I heard this friend had passed on, I was so thankful to have seen and talked to her one last time.  God works in wonderful ways.

Yes, in 2013 I lost the two people I loved most in this world, and I spent five months running from and drowning in emotion, but once it was over I was so much stronger.  I feel now like they were lent to me by God for so many years, and they were in my life to coach me and guide me, to make me love others, and then continue on their legacy of generosity and empathy.  They are physically gone, but I am reminded of their lessons every day; I have memories of them all the time, and if I am really lucky, they visit me briefly in a dream.

2013 was a year of sadness but also of triumphs; I am looking forward to 2014 being a year with more triumphs, and maybe just a bit more happiness.