Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sarah Wallace

Today I had the privilege of meeting the Great Sarah Wallace, who moved to Haiti in 2008 to start a clinic that would help provide prenatal and birth care to the local women. I have been awe-inspired by her story - she is so young (maybe mid to late 20's, if that), but seems to be so wise. Hearing her speak was like listening to a well-versed missionary - she spoke the facts, and her goals, and listening to her, I fully believe that her goals will be met.

Sarah is a bit of a legend at our church, the granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs Bailey, and I have followed her blog in the last year or so, and last month was asked to help out a bit on the bookkeeping side of the organization. After speaking to my sister while we were in Victoria, she explained that so many of these small charities are in desperate need for someone with a particular skill set to organize the numbers and comply with Canada Revenue Agency. I guess I take my skill set for granted, since numbers have been an integral part of my brain as far back as I can remember. While I understand that many people have trouble with numbers and keeping books, I just can't understand why, since it makes too much sense to me!

Lately I've been longing to do something to help those who are less fortunate, maybe The Call has become so strong now that I just can't ignore it anymore. But where to help? There are so many needs, how will I know whether I have picked the correct one?

As my sister said, having just returned from the Phillipines where she witnessed people living in garbage dumps and pushing each other aside for a small bowl of pasty grub, we can't believe that we were just lucky enough to be born here and they were unlucky enough to be born there. It's our duty as Christ's children to help His other children.

So why are we sitting around watching reality TV, eating fast food and twittering our lives away?

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