Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday Morning

It's a beautiful day in the neighbourhood, as Mr. Rogers would say - the sun is shining, the sky is blue, and the air is ripe with the smell of falling leaves. I went for a "brief" run this morning (only an hour - brief when compared to the half marathon I'll be attempting next Monday!) and it was gorgeous and crisp, and a big bird scared the heck out of me as I went down onto the trails, but it was so breathtaking down there.

Before I went for my run, I woke up at about 630 (thanks to the parents for the "morning person"genes - I can't sleep in!). My first thought was to have a chat with God - my brain has some inner turmoil and I'm trying to sort it out. Usually I can step out of my brain and analyze the problem, and figure out the root of the conflict. This time, however, my logical process is not working, so I asked God if He could help me sort out the problem. I fell back asleep and He sent me a dream.

I was walking down a street with Scott, and there was a lineup of Mustard Seed people. Maria was there (she works at The Mustard Seed every night), and they had separated the people into two lines - one line was sober, and the other line was not. I asked her how she handled them every night, and she said she had lots of training. Scott wanted to move along down the street (I'm not sure where we were headed), so off we went.

We stopped at a bench and sat down, and I found some papers with an old cheque and a ten dollar bill. I thought it had fallen out of my pocket, and as I looked at it again, the ten dollar bill was accompanied by five dollar bills. I thought my eyes were deceiving me, and the next time I looked, there was also a hundred dollar bill. I exclaimed to Scott, "The money is multiplying and I'm not even kidding!" I thought of the people in line, and of course there were favorites that I wanted to give the money to, but I couldn't, because that would be favoritism and could cause a problem.

Right now I'm not sure why God sent this dream to me as an answer to my internal conflict. This week is an awesome week for the Mustard Seed as Thursday will be their annual radio-thon. I'm going down there as soon as I drop the kids off at school, and will stay to help with Bingo, card games, and to serve lunch. I can't wait!!

For this week, I'll enjoy the warm autumn days, have a few more chats with God, hang out with the Mustard Seed gang, and see if the answers come into my head.

I have faith that the answer is close.

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  1. Wow! Jo that is quite the dream. It is bound to mean something. Maybe it has something to do with taking what you have to offer and God multiplying it like the fish and bread. (?) Sounds cool to me.