Thursday, October 28, 2010

Crossing Paths

Sometimes I wonder why certain people cross our paths, and why they seem to hijack our brains and we can't let them go. Day after day we come across so many people but every once in a while we meet someone with whom we have an instant connection. Me, being an extreme introvert, doesn't connect with people very often, but when I do, it's almost magnetic. Like at church, there have been so many nice people I have met over the last six years, and many older ladies who are fabulous mother figures (since my own parents are a province away), but only one older lady to whom I have felt a very strong bond, and it doesn't even really make sense considering I see others far more often than I see her, but this lady grabbed ahold of my heart from the moment I met her. She likely doesn't even know, and I'll probably never tell her. I wonder though, why her and not the others?

And of course at the Mustard Seed, where hundreds come in every day, and I'm polite and smile to all of them, but there are a few that have grabbed my heart to the point where I'm wondering if God has sent them with a purpose. It doesn't make sense that a person I don't even know could enter my brain and never exit, a person who I see for a few hours a week (or every other week), but who occupies my thoughts and dreams and leads me to think about life pathways that were never in any five year plan I could imagine.

There must be a reason.....I can't believe that we come together by pure coincidence.

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