Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I Found It

After all of the dreams, visions, and calling from the Holy Spirit, and after second guessing myself, procrastinating, and humming/hawing, I finally made it back to the Mustard Seed church and I realized the calling was real. As I explained to someone on Sunday afternoon, there are other things I "do" for the church - organize kids' ministries, teach a financial class, but I see those things more as giving back to God using the gifts he has already given me. He created my organizational skills and my mathematical aptitude, so it is only fitting that I use these gifts to benefit the kingdom. But this isn't the same as my calling.

My first realization as I parked in front of the Mustard Seed was that people had lined up for 700 supper over an hour ahead of time. By the time we had finished our tour, the lineup stretched around the block. The meal was a delicious looking stew, nice salad, and mountains of rice crispie squares. We then walked through the clothing depot and the food bank, and the reality of the inner city was right in front of us. I thought of pretty much everyone I know, and how we all have too much, and these people stood in line for over an hour for stew, and there was a shortage of shampoo and razors.

Our calling is to make sacrifices to further the Kingdom of God, get out of our comfort zone, and help those in need. Jesus spoke of WHEN we help the poor, not if, and even Deuteronomy commands us to help the poor. What a great gesture of God's love we can give by spending a few hours of time serving those in need.

My calling. My purpose. Visions realized.

God has spoken.

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